Faith under pressure

God is not limited strong God’s power is never wasted. God’s plan is never thwarted. Everything he does is focused on a purpose-and his purposes are not bound to any finite time or fixed place. God’s purposes are for eternity. No matter what happens to you, if you will stand firm on God’s principles as Daniel did, if you will trust God to work in you and through you and around you as Daniel did, you can have 100 percent confidence that what God has planned for your life will have an eternal impact. In this life, you may experience what looks like a setback, a failure, the end of everything-but God has something up his sleeve. You may be surprised by the events of this life, but nothing surprises him. So take heart. You are never alone. Your faithfulness and willingness to stand against pressure and persecution will not go unnoticed. You are connected to a limitless God. The power he makes available to you is as unlimited as God himself. never say to yourself its over and that you cant continue again, its a matter of hope and trust in God and be rest assured that God knows best for you. if you are limited to your ways , God isn’t limited…. #limitlessGod


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