Is Masturbation a Sin???

what you think about??
what you think about??

This particular topic of whether masturbation is a sin is not one quite often mentioned in the bible or hardly hit on as being sinful or not, but in every aspect of human morality we going to tackle it and try to weigh its whole outlook. Masturbation in simple terms can be defined as the act of arousing oneself sexually with or without the aid of specially designed sexual objects to attain maximum satisfaction. It’s basically the kind of practice you’d usually find when it comes to people who practice same sex relationships…., talking of the homosexuals in broad term language.

But recently, this act is seeing being practiced by almost every sexually active person out there, from the youthful ages down to even married couples. Most often, people tend to relate the relevance of masturbation as not being sinful as it does not really go against any law in the bible and does not constitute a desecration of morality as it is not practiced with anyone in particular but entirely with one self. There’s the belief that once this form of sexual excitement towards the benefit of one is not geared towards any violation of any moral rule or religious rule whatsoever, it does not constitute a sin. But just how true is this assertion if I may ask? Is this conclusion drawn by most people actually valid?

I don’t really know your perception about all this, but I think this matter falters a great deal in relation with Christians and their practice of the act, to a much greater extent its assumption of not being entirely ‘a sin’. The fact that one is not really having any direct intimate relation with the opposite sex or same sex, does not literally imply that the action of engaging in masturbation is not a sin. Do people even stop to ponder over this issue and get to view the bibles take on it…? I know for most of you out there, much revealing insight into whether masturbation is indeed a sin or not would be highly welcomed and appreciated since no one really ever talks on such subjects these days and usually tend to avoid questions that come with it in relation with religion. We are going to go a little bit further into masturbation, just so we get to know if we really are committing some kind of offence against the word of God as Christians.

Masturbation and its practice constitute a sin against one’s own body. Why do I say this? Now looking back into the scriptures, we are told by the bible of our bodies being the temple of the lord. In other words, we own not our bodies….but they are the dwelling place of the most high God. We have been tasked to keep it clean and holy so the spirit of God could come dwell in there. 1 Corinthians 6: 19…What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
He created us in his own image, and is our creator. Like the shepherd guides the flock, so are we under his guidance. It is our duty therefore to keep his temple (our bodies) thoroughly clean at all times ridding it off any filth whatsoever (sexual immorality)! No matter how we view it, masturbation is a sexually immoral act regardless of the fact that it is practiced to one’s own body to gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction. As Christians’, we are commanded to place ourselves under the sanctity and purity of marriage! It encompasses that whole genuineness and acceptance of one practicing sexual acts without having to feel sorry, regretful or guilty of having breaking the word of God. Once you decide not to bind yourself to marriage in order to have that ‘sexual liberty’, for lack of a better word, then you are committing an erroneous mistake which constitutes a big sin when and if you masturbate. There’s no pulling yourself out of that one I tell you unless you acknowledge the fact that you have sinned against your body and against God. You’ve gone against his words and disobeyed his orders.
Masturbation is purely an act or product of lustful feeling and thoughts. Matthew 5:28 – But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Did you know that? It sure is. What else will lead one into deciding to satisfy themselves solely without the other partner being present? For the lustful feelings and sexual attraction bore towards others, we decide we want to go ahead and engage in masturbation so as to somewhat derive and quench that demand for sexual urge that is felt towards the other person. It has always been said that whatever the mind conceives, that, it achieves which is very true in relation with engaging in this act……., once you begin to visualize the nakedness of someone you admire or like, the thought of getting to lay them down in your bed erupts, and once that all sensual feeling pops up with you not having the power of turning this visualization into a reality, your next best alternative or resort balls down to masturbating and trying in whatever way possible to imagine that admired one being there…right in your bed and you making love to them. It’s all in the mind if you ask me. You control it to work and in the same manner you know so well just how to control it to a halt.
Masturbation can lead to so many devastating consequences of which could affect the life of those who engage or practice it. It could….
Destroy the sexual reproductive organs of those who practice it in excess. It could lead to swelling s and soreness on the sexual organs due to the pressure placed on them in a bid to attain high sexual satisfaction or ‘climax’.
It could diminish the sexual urge or satisfaction gained by one when they eventually get to become intimate with other people aside themselves. Loss of sex drive towards the opposite sex if you’d like to put it that way.
Spiritually, it opens a passage way inviting variant demons to take over one’s body and soul completely. Ever heard of people being attached to demons spiritually through marriage or sexual immorality? This is one of the many ways that is made possible.

One may never really be sure of what their getting themselves into when it comes to committing sexual offences that go against the word of God. Masturbation is not an issue to be toiled with and blatantly assumed as being ‘sinless’. If one truly feels the need to live a morally good life as a Christian, the right means of attaining purity should and must be adhered to. Placing yourself in the position where you get to engage in needless sexually immoral acts, which is very much frowned upon by the religion and the society as a whole, is quite irrelevant and unnecessary if you ask me. We need to adhere to the rules of the scriptures and be doers of the word. We can never really rid ourselves of impurities and filth, if we are to say we commit no crime through the act of pleasing our bodies sexually. Of what use it is to attest and positively declare our unending faith in the Christian faith but then go back and do the exact opposite of what the Lord has asked us not to do?

What relevance is it to be a Christian yet to live in topmost filth and sin, with the practice of immoral acts against the temple of God? It’s high time Christians started getting things right and setting the records straight with regards to certain practices which they have considered and recognized as being ‘normal’ and is freely practiced without ever pausing to consider the words of the scriptures and its relevance to the curbing of such practices. The right thing needs to be done and preached at all levels in the Christian faith. Masturbation should not be encouraged no matter the level of immunity people usually assume it to bear in association with sin. Once you are a Christian, you should be able to discern and know between that which is right and wrong. We have to place ourselves in the position of rejecting the negatives in society and a subsequent embracing of the positives in society. We can never really become who we really want to become if we fail to step out of the shoes of others…..out of the dictates of others and stray away from the normal routines others are accustomed to.

Credits…Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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