when you make you mark in life, you will always attract erasers

when you make you mark in life, you will always attract erasers
when you make you mark in life, you will always attract erasers

In life we have all come to a point  when we feel like giving up and thinking we are of no better that those who are dead, but believe me its all a lie that deceives us to think that we are incapable of life issues, so because of that we intend to give up in our aims and dreams.

But if you will lift up your head high and see the positive side of life and its issues, surely i tell you, you will become what you want to be. see the positive side of every situation you find yourself, say to yourself its well, its possible, i can make it, i don’t have to give up and the list goes on but in all it depends on you. NEVER GIVE UP

Am here to tell you are capable of anything in life, as the saying goes “ think you can and you are half  way than“. its not about starting life with you huge sums of monies or being born in a wealthy family, its about having good altitutde towards life.

Its all start with you mind and how you plan your life to be, if you plan it should be great, definitely; it will be great but if you think of like wise, so will it be. The state of your mind towards your life should be positive, even when you don’t have, or you think its impossible, believe you can or you have it already; am talking about faith.

Great minds discuss ideas, good minds discuss events, and small minds discuss other people, so have it in mind that not all people will love and cherish you for who you are or what you represent. the criticism of life is something you shouldn’t think you can avoid, whether you do good or bad there’s someone elsewhere who will talk and complain about what you have done.

Don’t let life issues bring down for you to opt-out in this race of life, because how you live your life will be how your life will be! never expect all people to talk good of you, expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good person is little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are vegetarian. 

Remember this: if you are afraid of criticism, you will die doing nothing, if you want a place in the sun, you will have to expect to receive some blisters and have some sand kicked in your face. criticism is a compliment when you know what you are doing is right.

lastly you have to know that  when you make you mark in life, you will always attract erasers, live your life and don’t forget to be grateful to God for the gift of life: because if you have life, you have everything and everything is possible



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