Vision-What is your vision of Life?


The first work vision does in a person is to generate in him inspiration for its work. And this inspiration gives him the joy and enthusiasm for serious action which carries a great determination.

Inspiration creates  in you the atmosphere to meditate on the vision and start enjoying its glory  from the beginning. Thus if you know what you want in life or some years to come in your life; you will start living in its future in a mood of fantasy before it becomes a reality for jubilation.

However, all Christians must know this, that the greatest vision we are pursing is the salvation of our souls in the next world to come (HEAVEN). It may take great pain but we will finally end up in the glorious Kingdom on that faithful day. Therefore we must endure the pain for its glorious end. So never give up in talking about Christ to people.

But my question is…are you stumbling toward an uncertain future? or are you ready to wholeheartedly pursue your dreams?? there are million-dollar ideas around you every day. If you can and could see the opportunities and chances around you and make good use of them.

There is a master key that unlocks life’s possibilities. Visions are good but not good enough. Dreams are good, but not good enough. Goals are good but not good enough. Faith is good but not good enough; for faith without works, is dead. There’s only one way to prove your faith, Dreams, Visions and Goals….only one way to transform them into a reality…its called Pursuit .

In life, if you dont take the bold steps and try the challenges that comes your way, believe me precious one, it will be really difficult to achieve and be what and who you want to be in life.

Though there are falls and flaws, shortcomings and disappointments on the way of achieving your aims, goals, visions and dreams but in all if you will lift up your eyes and see the open doors and ways and not give up,you will be rewarded with perseverance.

As the saying goes “When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. it will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work”, so dont the kill burning desire of becoming what you want to achieve in life. God is alive and all good things are for his Children. Pray with and the assurance that your prayer has been answered.

Nothing brings greater joy to the heart of a leader, parent, or spouse than to see men and women pursuing their purpose in life. Now it is the time to climb out of the grandstands and unto the playing.

Its time you arise and prove people wrong, you can make it; its possible.

Welcome to the pursuit of goals, aims, ambitions, dreams and vision.




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