Psalm 90:12


“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)


Heavenly Father, you are mighty and powerful. You make all things new. Your graciousness brings hope in our hearts and allows our spirits to be born again. Thank you for the breadth of life and the gift of life. We are grateful for the things you have done for us and you are yet to do for us.
Everyday that you make is a promise of joy, forgiveness, hope and salvation. Grant that each one of your children experience your goodness on a daily basis. May you hold on to us and lead us to the right path.
Forgive us and grant us the peace our heart needs and seek. guide us in all righteousness, redeem us from the snare of the evil one, bless us and increase us, Jesus’ name

Who said the hand of the Lord is too short to save??…nor His ears too far for the prayers of his people?? The same old God who was; has being and will forever be there has being so great to you and i. what then shall say of the old the Lord??…His mercies and Love endures forever.
New year, new beginnings, new mind set, new altitude, more grace; the same old God. Ebenezer this is how far you have brought us, we say thank you and we are grateful for all that you have done for us. A year has just gone by and new has just started, we know and we believe you shall surely see us through.
We acknowledge our mistakes and our faults, our flaws and our shortcomings; like how you shown mercy to us last year same we pray you do for us this year too, but instead give us the grace and the power to stand in times of perplexities and difficulties.
We know you are not too far from your children. May our heart desires and ambitions be accomplished this year. We have known you and have tested you and we have come the realization that you are good. Bless us from Mt. Zion, descend with healing’s in your wings and pour out blessings upon us now and forever more.
May this year be a full of testimonies



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