ADVICE TO MY YOUNGER SELF* ~part two~_by Vision2divinity_

As I was thinking about what I would have known by then, so many thoughts and ideas started to run through my head and finally the first one dropped and you will be surprise to know it was BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Yes be kind to yourself. I pondered about it and I realized its true. 
When I was in my early teens, I didn’t like myself because I  thought any misfortune that happens in my House, was my fault, blaming myself sake I did something wrong or something I knew nothing about. If would have known better that it was for my own good, I wouldn’t have have been soo hard on myself. 
We are often harshest with ourselves, failure in life (school, jobs etc.. ) , due to our mistakes, or something’s we didn’t do or say right or even the Mistakes our parents did or made of which all I’d wrong.

Sometimes to the detriment of ourselves we are pessimistic and fatalistic, to such extent that we don’t allow ourselves to do what we love. 
As I told my friend that I would have been kind to myself, he smiled and said ~I would have made the right choice~ of which I think it’s true.
To my advice, live your life positively in the moment wherever you find yourself and dont spend all your time worrying about things you have no control over. Go out and enjoy your life.  

_to be continued_….


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